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DIY Sextoy Workshop ::

Ever wondered what it’d take to build your own sex toys? Now you can find out!

Kyle Machulis, maintainer of *Slashdong* (, the blog of open source sex technology, and expert on sex tech, will guide you through the mechanics, electronics, and programming necessary to make a simple Arduino( toy that can be programmed and used to make a data stream a sexual stream!

Attendees will be able to build their toy, and then learn how to control it through various means. Audio triggering, internet control, sensors, and more will be covered. We’ll also cover what it takes to hack other already built toys, to fit whatever your needs may be…

/wanna join in/?
send an email with short motivation to **
! bringing your own laptop is preferred.

*from*: 11.00 till 18.00 on Sunday, September 12th
*in*: WORM’s future location on /Witte de Withstraat 63/, Rotterdam
*for*: 30 euros including materials


*Kyle Machulis*, aka qDot, is a researcher of alternate input mechanisms and haptics, which is really a fancy way of saying he breaks sex toys. Through his Slashdong webpage (, he uses the topic of teledildonics (remotely actuated sexual experience) to teach the basic concepts of software, electrical and mechanical engineering.

He also tracks the convergence of sex and technological advances in toys and interaction, building on the idea that paradigms for interfaces people would use for intimate encounters on computers can be extended to other usage experiences. In his spare time, he keeps a full time job as a developer at Linden Lab.