Babycastles Cyborg Arcade workshop!

On June 18th 2012 the Babycastles Cyborg Arcade Workshop took place at WORM Rotterdam. Together with Kunal Gupta (Babycastles) and Thu Tran (Food Party / Girl Talk) participants gave birth to a litter of cyborg arcade cabinets. We combined independent games from local Dutch game developers, large stuffed animals, chef knives, colorful duct tape, assorted blinking electronics, and the virus-writing windows scripting software”AutoHotkey”, and emerged with a new independent video games arcade in Rotterdam.

[vimeo 44650566]

The first arcade cabinets feature the games Karoshi by Jesse Veenbrux and Seven Dimensions by Marries van de Hoef.  The Cyborg Arcade Cabinets are on show and playable during select events at WORM, with more games added every time. So check for more indie game dates in Rotterdam….