moddr_ is a post-Rotterdam media/hacker/co-working cyberspace and DIY/FOSS/OSHW fablab for artgeeks, and a former part of the venue WORM: Institute for Avantgardistic Recreation.

Since being founded in 2007 by alumni of the Piet Zwart Institute Media Design department the lab hosted and promoted young local and international talent with a focus on the artistic modification (‘modding‘) of contemporary and emerging technology.

moddr_ represented a critical attitude in our ‘new’-media landscape through spawning and development of artistic projects, workshop series, lectures, exhibitions and of course, good parties.

moddr_ was led by Walter Langelaar (2007-2013) with Nancy Mauro-Flude and Audrey Samson (2007); Danja Vasiliev and Gordan Savicic (2007-2010); Dennis de Bel, Birgit Bachler and Eric Overmeire (2010-2012)

For more info and/or inquiries, please send a message to

lab [at] moddr (dot) net