BINL❤VER @ Eyebeam

BINL❤ER, one of Philipp Teister’s latest projects that was produced in WORM’s moddr_lab last summer, got featured in the context of Fran Ilich‘s ‘Diego de la Vega‘ project at Eyebeam in New York, NY.

sez Philipp:

The Diego de la Vega experimental economies and finance research group @ Eyebeam, presents:BINL❤ER, a user oriented outbound data-dealing service, adding new value and appreciation on data discarded by its original proprietor and relocating the data to other users on a supply-and-demand basis. Teister switches between the roles of social engineer and data entrepreneur, bringing orphaned files into contact with those who are unable to provide their own.BINL❤ER is like a great tsunami, when it hits you, it will capture your data forever.This project started and has been produced during my stay in Rotterdam, NL at WORM/moddr as artist in residence, June 2011._

I would love to see you -Philipp

about ‘Diego de la Vega’:

Diego de la Vega™ it’s a coin-operated cooperative media conglomerate where real people work a thirdlife, creating a virtual industry thru network connections in order to produce material results in the real world. Its nano-macro-economy is measured with the Digital Material Sunflower currency, which can be acquired or earned thru digital labor.

Globalized capitalist markets use finance as a means to extract surplus and value from localized world production – relying on networks of power to do so. But finance can also be reversed engineered so that it becomes the seed for new forms of cooperation, collaboration and socialization, drawing on and building networks thru virtual communities.

Used creatively, finance can actually further the prosperity and efficacy of community building thru narrative media, solidarity agriculture, digital labor and other activist practices, as well as strengthen the hope of sustainability in creative digital labor and internet production practices.

Another world is possible.

Chief Executive Officer: Fran Ilich (NYC).