diggi tuesday?

In the light of ‘Digitaler Dienstag’ (which ‘roughly’ translates into Digital Tuesday…?) the moddr_lab space of WORM [Rotterdam] in MuseumsQuartier’s ‘Electric Avenue’ will celebrate the opening of several new works by the likes of Damian Stewart, M.I.G. and Danja Vasiliev ++ a presentation by Bernhard Garmicnig on the new monthly ‘Detour’ programme and a performance by futuristic-expatriate-American-Space-Ranger ROBOTCOWBOY !!

tuesday June 8th, starting ’round 17.00
MuseumsQuartier Wien,
Q21/Electric Avenue

full programme here:

some more specifics on moddr_lab/WORM programme:

New site-specific piece ‘Luciolinae’ by Damian Stewart, produced at Multimedia Centre Cyberpipe, Ljubljana

– led lights, sound components, custom electronics.
light/sound sculpture series (w.i.p.) 2009-2010 ::



The illustrious ‘Men In Grey’ emerge as a manifestation of Network Anxiety, a fearful apparition in a time of government wiretaps, Facebook spies, Google caches, Internet filters and mandatory ISP logging.

This award winning project will be on show in our space leading up to the 2010 Ars Electronica festival, where they will collect the Award of Distinction in the Hybrid Arts category ::



Danja Vasiliev – re:buntu
“Linux that kills itself and can kill You”

re:buntu is an illustration of a system making decisions by itself, committing to self-maintenance and self-destruction. The system is continuously reloading a copy of itself within itself until the memory runs out. When no free memory is left the system needs to decide which one of the copies of itself it shall kill in order to reproduce itself again, again and again…

re:buntu is an OS intervention ::



‘Detour’ by Bernhard Garmicnig;
A monthly evening of variable dimension, multiformat performances, highlighting artists taking sonic action using the world wide web and/or the urban environment as medium and/or material. Detour accentuates sonic artforms which in some way consider our existence in networked urban spaces as their resonating context ::



RobotCowboy ::

“A futuristic expatriate American Space Ranger combines wearable computing, midi guitar, and live energy to wander the digi-range as a robotcowboy playing for dying astronauts. This is a lofi-guitar-compu-show with algorithmic balls from a DEVOspud, laptop-stomping idiot wearing exposed electronics.”



Furthermore still on show the (also award-winning) moddr_lab project ‘Web2.0 Suicide Machine’, and coming up early September; new site-specific additions to our space by Julian Oliver, Riley Harmon and Brendan Howell