Extended View Toolkit @moddr_


Today our new residents Peter Venus and Marian Weger have arrived and set up their workstations at moddr_ lab. During the coming week they will be working on the development of a new version of the Extended View Toolkit, building a new version of their amazing DIY-360°-camera-fixture and update their open source software for panoramic imagery and advanced projection mapping.

After one week of drilling, coding and tinkering in our lab they will present the new toolkit in a 2-day-hands-on-workshop at WORM Rotterdam on September 1st and 2nd: On the first day workshop participants can build their own 360°-panoramic-camera-fixture and experiment with the panoramic image capability of the Extended View Toolkit. The second day is dedicated to the video mapping capabilities of the toolkit and the creation of projection environments.

So to all video artists, PureData enthusiasts, panoramic image geeks and everyone else who wants to upgrade their own camera with 360° capabilities and/or wants to learn about advanced video projection mapping: Book your tickets >>HERE<<
Questions? Send an e-mail to moddr@worm.org mentioning “extended view”

The Extended View Toolkit was released first in February 2011 and presented at the PureData-Convention 2011 in Weimar with a paper and workshop.
Extended View Toolkit website
Extended View Toolkit at PDCON