Extended View Toolkit v0.4 Rotterdam RELEASE

this just in from our recent residents Peter Venus and Marian Weger:

“Hey all!

Everything still fine in Rotterdam? Thank you again for attending our
We finally did it:

We proudly announce the new version of ExtendedViewToolkit – the
PureData/GEM abstraction library
for panoramic image/video creation and projection mapping.
It has been a long, but productive time since our last release. Tons of
new features and fixes wait for being discovered by you.
This new version was mainly done during a residency at moddr_/WORM in

Amongst other changes, you are looking on a completely re-designed
storage-solution, that enables you to create scene-based video-mapping
setups – with the possibility to add transitions between your scenes.
Within each scene, you can automate basically every parameter in every
module of the toolkit individually.
We made a small technical teaser, to show what’s possible with the
scenes: http://vimeo.com/51567993

In addition to our multi-camera panoramic content solution, we
integrated a module for creating 360-degree panoramic content made with
spherical, one camera based, lens- or mirror-systems.
Also, a new video player with instant and saveable controls for
in/out-points, fade-times and loop, waits for being used within your
On the projection-side we added a module with 5×5 cornerpoints to allow
more detailed settings when projecting on uneven surfaces with just one
projection module. Furthermore we implemented a function to adjust the
perspective distortion into the projection modules.

We sticked to our fear of externals and made the whole toolkit out of
plain PD and GEM without any other external libraries. For the usage of
the remote-control features we recommend the usage of mrpeach´s OSC
library. We tested the toolkit on different machines, and did not have
any issues on Linux, OSX 10.6.8, 10.7.1 and also on Windows 7. If you
discover any problems, please get in touch with us.

Thanks to all the people who constantly support the development of the
toolkit, especially Cyrille Henry, IOhannes, Seppo, Walter&Birgit of
moddr and Patrick Pagano.

Download it here:

If you use it, we strongly encourage you to send us links, videos,
images, etc. of your projects.
We are amazingly interested to see what you create!

Peter & Marian