Jahtari, RASTASOFT and S.L.U.G.

Saturday 17.10.09 @ WORM; Jahtari label presentations, RASTASOFT’s Jaromil and S.L.U.G.!

Jahtari, or how to create 100% soulful music with a machine for excreting zeros and ones. The sympathetic label from Leipzig that has created a name with full phat digital dub / reggae finally makes its debut in Rotterdam! Through our moddr_lab comes Rastasoft’s Jaromil with a sneak preview of the new “dyne: bolic” GNU / Linux distribution, including a live setup, assisted by SLUG – The Squatters Linux User Group. An exciting, experimental club night.

RASTASOFT is about Resistance inna babylon world which tries to control more and more the way we communicate and we share informations and knowledge. This software is for all those who cannot afford to have the latest expensive hardware to speak out their words of consciousness and good will.

JAH says: liberate yourself from mental slavery!

Inna babylon, money is the main requirement to make a voice possible to be heard by others. Capitalist and fundamentalist governments all around the world rule with huge TV monopolies spreading their propaganda, silencing all criticism.

RASTASOFT seeks Redemption from existing operating systems which always require new expensive hardware for doing the same as ever: give us free players but make us pay for producing our own voices. And the one who protects you rips you off, as the Arabs say.

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