lab_updates ::

WORM‘s medialab (a.k.a. moddr_) is up and almost running again; as an addition to the 3D-printer we built just before summer, we’re now adding a homebrew 3D-scanner and lasercutter(!) to the toolchain. Expect some fresh workshops in coming weeks, topics include OV-chipkaart-bashing++, the ‘Jailbreak!‘ series introducing our very own appstore and some novelties using our new prooduction facilities – like lasercutting the 3piece suit you always wanted for that job interview..

Also in November we welcome two new residents: Tim Schwartz from Venice, Los Angeles, is coming over to bomb your mobile devices with tailor made image-stream madness over WiFi – and G. Lucas Crane from New York (of Woods, NonHorse and Silent Barn fame) is here to work on a custom version version of his ‘Party Lab’ installation, also called “The Center for Non-amoral Surveillance“.

Until the 12th of this month you can still see our contribution to the “Art of Hacking” show at the Dutch Institute for New Media Art (, including works by the wonderful Birgit Bachler, Tim Schwartz, Willem van Eck, Kim Asendorf, Loud Objects, Dennis de Bel, Travis Goodspeed and Philipp W. Teister!