now a RePress proxy!

as this site is a WordPress installation, we’re glad to be able the support the very excellent RePress project by This from

“This plug-in enables you to magically uncensor any website on the internet from your own WordPress installation.

More and more governments from east and west are trying to censor the Internet. For different reasons the governments of countries like Iran, the USA, Syria, The Netherlands and China seek ways to block websites of the web and limit free speech. This plug-in will enable you to get those websites online again for you, your friends and the rest of the world without any hassle. Your website will become a proxy for the blocked website, rerouting any traffic from a user, through your website to the blocked site.

We believe in an Open Web and gladly make it possible for everyone to defend their human right to the free flow of information. By installing this plug-in you are doing your part to keep the Web Open.”