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For immediate release [November 25, 2013]:

Launch of web application Commodify.Us

 They make money from your data. Why shouldn’t you?

Ever wonder what becomes of all the time and energy you spend on your ‘social’ networks? You work hard on your Facebook profile, but who profits from your information? While you were posting your life stories, clicking the Like button, and poking away at friends and relatives, insignificant others have been cashing in.

“While you are allowing us to use the information we receive about you, you always own all of your information.” (Facebook Data Use Policy)

So if this is your data, shouldn’t you be able to save it, enjoy it and have the freedom to share, or even sell it?

Enter Commodify.Us

See what your Facebook profile could be worth by uploading it to the newly launched service by Commodify, Inc.

Commodify.Us is a web application that allows people to visualize and license their Facebook data directly to marketers. After exporting it from Facebook and uploading it to Commodify.Us, users can choose to license their anonymized data under Private, Open Data, or Commercial Data licenses and effectively cut out the middle man.

This project intends to correct an imbalance of power in the use of personal information by enabling users to enter a market for their data. As authors and owners, users can become active participants in new streams of creative output. Individuals can change how their data is shared or sold at any time through options in their profile, including an option to delete their account and all their data.

Who is Commodify.Inc?

Commodify, Inc. is an internet startup that produces projects to help individuals tap into their online monetary potential. We are intent on imagining new markets where users have control over the transactions made with their personal data. Our highly secure server platform provided by partner Rotterdam Internet Valley ( ensures the safety and integrity of your data.

Fair Data on demand

We are looking for smart, innovative and beautiful ideas to make use of our data sets. Browse our Open Data section on Commodify.Us, or get in touch if you are interested in buying fair data. Commodify, Inc. is accepting inquiries into the acquisition of high quality data licensed under the Commercial Data license.


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