vr13sep2013: Anti-Media lezing door Florian Cramer

Official launch event for the book “Anti-Media” by Florian Cramer, research professor at Hogeschool Rotterdam and dean of WORM’s Parallel University.


The book is a collection of essays on high and low culture, avant-garde and trash: 17th century experimental poetry, music machines, Neonazi communication guerilla, Alvin Lucier, Internet porn, anti-copyright, creative industries, post-digitality, Mail Art, Rosicrucianism and hacker cultures, to name only a few.

Obviously, a book on the same obsessions that drive WORM. And in WORM avant-gardistic recreation spirit, there will be no official talks or book signings, but an improvised non-stop eight hour lecture by Florian. Entrance is free, you may come and go whenever they want!

I’ve never reviewed nor even read anything that looked remotely like this book before. It is bold, thought-provoking, and extremely fast-paced.” – Régine Debatty, We Make Money Not Art

In collaboration with NAi Publishers, Institute of Network Cultures / Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Willem de Kooning Academy and Creating 010 / Hogeschool Rotterdam.

Florian Cramer from David (Jhave) Johnston on Vimeo.