Walled Garden

Communities & Networks post Web2.0

moddr_ will be participating in this conference hosted by VirtueelPlatform in Amsterdam. We were invited to join a workgroup on ‘Future Cultural Organisations’, led by Aymeric Mansoux.

The “future cultural organisations” workgroup is a 2 day session in which we will attempt to sketch a fictional organisation using networks as a playground. From the personal experience of the participants, we will try to filter which online services make a difference and what are the pros and cons of online autonomy in the post web 2.0 era.

Walled Garden is a 2-day international conference that will take place on 20 & 21 November 2008 in Amsterdam.
This international working conference will approach the development and future challenges of the current Web 2.0 through exploration, experimentation and exchange of knowledge. Our goal: a blueprint for policy makers, funders and practitioners that works towards a public garden.