web2.0_SuicideMachine @Xin Dan Wei

in ‘ChitChat Edition 23

Time: 16:30-18:30 Friday, September, 24th
Host: Gordan Savicic & Walter Langelaar

As the various social media platforms forge ahead in their attempt to make everything we do trackable, shareable and open. People are starting to become uneasy with just how much about themselves is floating around the web and how much time they are spending in numerous pokes, likes and the dislikes. The web2.0 suicidemachine promises an easy and chiq way of getting rid of any social network by automatically cleaning all traces of yourself from your social media past. Gordan Savicic and Walter Langelaar will present some background information about their ongoing fight with Facebook’s lawyers and demystify other stories in and around the web2.0 suicidemachine.