‘Being Social’ Exhibition News

via Marc@Furtherfield; this video was taken at the opening of the Furtherfield Gallery in the heart of Finsbury Park, in April 2012. The show featured artists: Annie Abrahams, Karen Blissett, Ele Carpenter, Emilie Giles, moddr_, Liz Sterry and Thomson and Craighead.

Being Social at Furtherfield Gallery from Furtherfield on Vimeo.

“Since the mid-90s computers have changed our way of being together.
First the Internet then mobile networks have grown as cultural spaces
for interaction – wild and banal, bureaucratic and controlling –
producing new ways of ‘being social’. Visitors were invited to view art
installations, software art, networked performances and get involved
with creative activities to explore how our lives – personal and
political – are being shaped by digital technologies.”

Link to the exhibition 25 Feb – 28 April 2012.

The Being Social exhibition Tour in England.

The exhibition will now be touring 6 venues in England in 2014. Leeds (2
different venues), Blackpool, Sunderland & in the London areas of
Lewisham, Hammersmith & Fulham.

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